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Here’s The Real Truth Behind Donald Trump’s Erratic Behavior


Here’s The Real Truth Behind Donald Trump’s Erratic Behavior

In Donald Trump’s world of “alternative facts”, getting to the truth from the White House is exhaustingly challenging now more than ever. With just a tweet, the president can spread lies like wildfire. All in an effort to claim legitimacy, even if based on falsehoods, to whoever wants to believe it.

Never in the history of America has the system of truth and fact checking been under such assault.

With a fragile ego and excruciatingly thin skin, it comes as no surprise that Trump and his handlers would continue to perpetuate blatant lies and cause segments of the American population to lose faith in our ‘free’ government system.

Whether it’s repeating the debunked claim that 3 to 5 million people illegally voted in the 2016 Presidential Election, or dodging alleged ties to Russia, evading his tax returns or conjuring up racist rumors about former President Barack Obama‘s U.S. citizenship, or alleging that Obama ordered his phone to be wiretapped, Trump has a life’s record of being allergic to truth and transparency.

After all, this is the same man who phoned a reporter and pretended to be his own publicist in an effort to get favorable press.

The real truth is:

President Trump is an actor who’s been playing himself for his entire life. And it’s worked so well for him, playing this role of a leader and businessman, that he somehow transitioned into his new role as an outspoken candidate and a risk-taker. Enough people bought the act, and he managed to get elected, despite losing the popular vote by a wide margin.

Trump does not believe 3 million people voted illegally anymore than he believes he’s actually qualified to be president. Who can forget the look of shock and fright on his face on election night when he delivered his victory speech?

He was just as shocked as we all were.

Trump is a bonafide egomaniac who will do and say anything to make himself feel good about himself. A man possessed by delusions of personal greatness and lack of moral compass.

Make no mistake, folks. Trump has no intention of working for the American people. He prefers to fill his hours watching cable news. Even more outrageous, he spends most weekends in Florida, where the flow of taxpayer dollars continues without interruption, making him richer by the minute.

For a man who focuses on dismantling federal programs aimed to help the poor, his self-serving weekend trips to Mar-A-Lago are the worst abuse of the system I’ve ever seen.

Despite the absurdity of Trump’s many political flubs, however, it’s important that we do not lose focus of what’s truly at stake for the American people — particularly those on the fringes of America and at the mercy of its “well-oiled machine” that is white supremacy.

America cannot afford an authoritarian who conspires on the behalf of self-interests and masquerades as a politically incorrect savior for the American people.

If you believe that America’s democracy is impenetrable and cannot be dismantled, you are sadly mistaken. America morphing into a scene straight out of The Purge isn’t an alternative fact — it’s a real possibility.

The real truth is that the greatest danger to America is occupying its highest office.

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