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Here’s The Ridiculous Excuse Chris Cantwell’s Lawyer Came Up With To Save His White Supremacist Client

Chris Cantwell, who was charged after his aggression during the Charlottesville white supremacist march, was supposedly joking about killing Jews, according to his lawyer.

According to The Daily Beast, Cantwell’s new lawyer compared his him to the (Jewish) comedian Jackie Mason.

“Cantwell’s attorney is Elmer Woodard, who appeared in court wearing an early-1800s-style red waistcoat with gold buttons, bowtie, white muttonchop whiskers, black velcro shoes, and a a 1910s-style straw boater hat,” the report states.

The report also states that Woodward once failed to defend a man who raped a teen girl after he tried defending his client’s actions by blaming it on sleepwalking.

Seems that Cantwell won’t be winning this court case. Justice will be served.

Cantwell was initially granted a $25,000 cash bond on Thursday, but during a second hearing hours later, a judge denied the bond based on his propensity for being a flight risk and a threat.

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