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Here’s What Spicer Said When Asked: ‘Does The President Have A Thing’ For Totalitarian Leaders?

Sean Spicer was asked by New York Times reporter Glenn Thrush on Monday if Donald Trump “has a thing” for “totalitarian leaders” after Trump reached out to Philippines’ leader Rodrigo Duterte, who has authoritarian reputations.

“Does the president have a thing with these totalitarian leaders?” Thrush asked during a press conference. “Does he admire something about the way these guys conduct themselves?”

“There is a lot that this president talks to these leaders in private about,” Spicer replied, adding that “building a relationship” with those leaders in private is often “better for achieving results” overall.

“It is a mistake to assume that because we don’t put out statements publicly chastising leaders at every call” that the president doesn’t care about these issues, Spicer said.

“The president understands the type of negotiating, the type of deal-making, the type of results that get real results.”

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