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Here’s Why Republicans Must Remove This Mad Man From Power Before Tomorrow

You can be sure that by the time the sun sets tonight President Trump will find a new way to embarrass himself and the country. He’s practically writing his future articles of impeachment like someone shoveling the dirt out of his own grave.

I wonder if anyone in the Republican Party is actually enjoying this endless, ugly, humiliating Cirque du Scandal of criminality, venality, and dangerous incompetence. Probably not, but the GOP is playing roulette anyway, not just with its own political fortunes, but with all of our lives as well.

When Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama warned last year that Donald Trump was unfit to control the U.S. nuclear arsenal, it wasn’t partisan campaign trail hyperbole, but rather a point of nearly global consensus.

Trump may destroy the world, but for Trump supporters, that’s better than another few years of liberal rule. Nobody needs to be a liberal to grasp that this cost-benefit analysis was demented. It’s like replacing a pilot in mid-flight and knowingly put in the cockpit a mad man doesn’t know how to fly or land the plane. A tragedy is almost guaranteed.

Now, as Trump makes unhinged threats to begin a nuclear war against North Korea, those who deluded themselves into taking a flyer on the Trump presidency no longer have any excuse for ignoring what’s been plain all along: It is not remotely safe for him to hold this office.

It was overwhelmingly old people who handed Trump the power to end all life on the planet, against the overwhelming wishes of people who will inherit it from them. Young people don’t simply regard Trump as a less-than-ideal steward of their futures, but as a poison forced upon them by elders who have disclaimed any responsibility for bequeathing their offspring a bright and kind and healthy civic life. In exchange for this darkened future, Trump’s enablers were promised everything from lower taxes —financed by cutting health care for younger people— to culture war to a nonspecific assault on the political establishment.

In a best-case scenario, Trump supporters will pocket few of these spoils. On the other hand, we may end up in a massive war.

This reckless escalation of bellicose rhetoric should be unacceptable to everyone, and is most proximately offensive to the generation of people who will be forced to answer for such a horrifying legacy.

A willing Congress could remove Trump, and swiftly, if majorities were so determined. Not removing Trump before a tragedy of apocalyptic proportions hits the mainland, may prove to be a greater generational crime than any his narcissistic cohort has inflicted thus far. Republican leaders have proved they can’t be trusted to take anything other than narrow self-interest seriously. Our best hope is that they can now see that Trump no longer serves those interests either.

It has been widely noted that conservatives lack the empathy to consider the consequences of their decisions until those consequences hit home. Trump is threatening Republican lives and Republican priorities right now. If only on that selfish basis, please remove him from power.

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