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He’s A Trump Supporter And America’s Most Racist Sheriff, Now He’s Looking At Serious Prison Time

Former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is famous for his racist rhetoric, abusing prisoners, and crusading against Mexicans, is now facing jail time for his refusal to comply with a 2011 injunction demanding an end to the practice of stopping motorists simply on suspicion of being undocumented.

Arpaio is not very well liked. The Sheriff was badly beaten in his bid for a 7th term in November of 2016. Which is a surprise that not even deep-red Arizona residents voted for him.

The former Sheriff endorsed Donald Trump during the presidential campaign. According to a report, Arpaio ordered his officers to continue the illegal practice of stopping drivers simply on suspicion of being undocumented for at least 18 months after the 2011 federal injunction was issued.

According to prosecutor Victor Salgado, Arpaio “thought he could get away with it,” and that, “He never thought this day would come.”

Now the Sheriff will be facing a judge, if convicted he will be facing up to 6 months in prison.

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