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He’s Going NUTS! People In Trump’s Inner Circle Are Starting To Admit He’s Mentally Ill

Nicolle Wallace, a Republican strategist, spoke on MSNBC where she stated that people that have spent time with Donald Trump have said that the president is showing signs of paranoia and delusion over his belief that Obama wiretapped him.

Wallace said, “I sense that they have no plans today of walking away from this claim. This is still the president’s belief. Some folks still close to the president, but not on the White House staff said it’s a word I can’t say on family-friendly TV, but the initials are B and S. Another person who spent time with the president this weekend in Florida said it was signs of paranoia and delusion around this idea that he’s so right.

“Interestingly, he has sought to have people outside the government corroborate this wiretapping claim, which either suggests this observation of paranoia and delusion is in fact operation or extreme ignorance of all the powers at his disposal and all the investigative powers of the federal government.”

Unfortunately, impeachment isn’t possible because of mental illness. Trump would have to show that he is physically unable to perform the duties of president if he was to be removed.

But the fact that he keeps insisting that Obama did wiretap into his Trump Tower, even after the FBI said that there’s no information to back up the accusations, is worrisome.

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