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‘He’s Just Dumb As Hell’: Trump Routinely Confuses Medicaid And Medicare, GOP Senator Says

During a meeting with GOP senators at the White House, Thursday, President Trump gave the impression that he “did not have a grasp of some basic elements of the Senate plan” and that he was “especially confused” by the idea of opponents calling the bill “a massive tax break for the wealthy,” one Republican Senator told The New York Times, and described Trump as “uninterested in the particulars of health care.”

“There would be times when he would describe what was clearly Medicare…but say Medicaid, and when we pointed that out, he would say, ‘That’s what I said, Medicare and Medicaid,” the senator said.

The Times then asked a close aide if asked if Trump had an understanding of the important aspects of the House and Senate health care bills. the aide laughed and replied, “not to my knowledge.”

“The president understands winning,” a different official said.

Asked about Trump’s campaign promises to repealing and replacing Obamacare, a former campaign aide said, “It wasn’t really a policy-oriented campaign—policy wasn’t on our radar. The sense was, say what wins and figure out the details later.”

He also said that aides don’t point out Trump’s misunderstandings, not wanting to make him feel or look “dumb.”

Just as his intelligence briefings have been cut short compared to those of Obama, an official told the Daily Beast, “It is fair to say the president takes [a] similar approach to health care… [It’s] ‘less is more.'”

There you have it, folks. Hail to the dumb-in-chief.

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