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Why Hillary Lost: The Forces And Groups Who Will Be Blamed


Why Hillary Lost: The Forces And Groups Who Will Be Blamed

The unthinkable happened. Donald Trump won. In the biggest upset in American history, the Donald Trump shocks the nation and world, and the blame game has already begun. But no one will want to admit it was Hillary Clinton’s fault. It will have had nothing to do with, say, “transparency” or the Iraq War vote, or the simple fact that Hillary’s middle-of-the-road philosophy ran out of gas as a public philosophy. No, other individuals, groups, and forces will have to be blamed.

Publicly the Clinton Campaign seemed confident, but in private her team admitted her chances were ‘always fragile.’

So, what does it take for a racist, a liar, a tax cheat, a draft-dodger, a deadbeat, a Russian agent, and alleged rapist to win a presidential election?

Here’s where Democrats will point the finger:

1. JAMES COMEY — He might as well have indicted her for real, like he did in the court of public opinion. His extremely careless actions 11 days before election literally sank the Clinton campaign just when she was starting to gain momentum.

2. THE MEDIA — Those of us in the news media have sometimes blamed Donald Trump’s rise on the Republican Party’s toxic manipulation of racial resentments over the years. But we should also acknowledge that the media was another force that empowered Trump.

The first big failing was that television in particular handed Trump the microphone without adequately fact-checking him or rigorously examining his background, in a craven symbiosis that boosted audiences for both.

3. ANTHONY WEINER — His alleged sexually explicit online conversation with a 15-year-old girl spurred the FBI’s renewed investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

4. THE RUSSIANS — Using Wikileaks as a smoke screen, the Russians got into the DNC email server and wreck havoc the election.

5. MILLENNIALS — Too idealists. They wanted someone like Bernie and many switched to Trump as a protest vote.

6. BERNIE SANDERS — Remember when people worried that running unopposed in the primary would hurt Clinton? It’s going to be an endless fuss about how Sanders should have withdrawn sooner.

7. BILL CLINTON — You know how this will go down: Bill’s past transgressions came back to haunt Hillary.

8. BLACK VOTERS — If they just had turned out for Hillary as they did for Obama.

9. DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ AND THE DNC — Her dictatorial-style approach to boosting Clinton was something that Hillary’s campaign was happy to accept. But the former DNC chair should have left room for dissent rather than let it bottle up.

After a devastating loss, Democrats will have a lot to reflect on. I’m sure the nation will survive Trump. But the world might just wake up to a nightmare on January 20th.

God help us all.

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