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POLL: Hillary Wins Final Debate With 52% To Trump’s 39%. Trump Hits New Low, Calls Her a ‘Nasty Woman’


POLL: Hillary Wins Final Debate With 52% To Trump’s 39%. Trump Hits New Low, Calls Her a ‘Nasty Woman’

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton won the final presidential debate Wednesday night, a CNN/ORC poll of debate watchers found.

Clinton delivered her most eloquent and impassioned performance, beginning with an answer on abortion policy that was the most eloquent defense of reproductive freedom ever delivered on a debate stage. Her command of the stage often struck a sharp contrast with Trump, who looked low-energy for the first half of the debate, as if the realization was dawning on him that he will lose the election.

For 45 minutes or so, the debate was the most rational, issue-oriented one of the three held between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The two candidates had substantive exchanges on the Supreme Court, abortion policy, gun control, immigration, Russia, the economy and so on —with Hillary Clinton clearly winning every argument.

But then everything fell apart when Trump refused to say that he would the results of the presidential election if he is the loser. “I’ll keep the suspense'” Trump said.

“That’s horrifying,” Clinton told him. That one moment, more than any other, stood out as chilling. And it undermines whatever chance Trump had to present a more moderate face in the remaining two-plus weeks.

And just when you thought Trump couldn’t go any lower, he did!

“Such a nasty woman.”

That was the bizarre interjection Donald Trump made while Hillary Clinton was responding to Chris Wallace’s question about health care.

The comment came not long after Clinton called out the GOP presidential nominee for his history of misogynistic and insulting comments.

Trump had followed up by stating, “No one has more respect for women than I do.”

“It was a bizarre interjection,” Post-election, NBC anchor Lester Holt said during a post-debate discussion with a panel.

“This is a candidate who has a deficit with women,” said anchor Savannah Guthrie. “It was so striking to see him actually go there.”

Watch the clip below:

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