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‘His Tweets’: Giuliani Just Came Up With The Most Absurd Defense In Trump’s Obstruction Of Justice Case

Donald Trump’s Attorney Rudy Giuliani doesn’t believe special counsel Robert Mueller needs to interview the president to ask questions about whether he obstructed justice, claiming that Trump’s tweets are enough to prove his client is innocent.

During an interview with Axios, Giuliani said that any in-person interview between Trump and Mueller about whether his actions constitute obstruction of justice would be a waste of time, insisting that Trump’s tweets give Mueller enough information to conclude his investigation.

“Any question he has on obstruction… the president has given answers in interviews, tweets,” he said.

Giuliani said this shows that Mueller would be totally unjustified in subpoenaing the president to testify.

“The law definitely requires that if you’re going to subpoena a president, you have to show that you can’t get the information any place else,” he explained.

Despite Giulani’s insistence that Trump’s tweets vindicate him, the president has sent out tweets that some legal experts have said could implicate him in an obstruction probe.

Last year, for example, Trump admitted that he had to fire former national security adviser Mike Flynn because he knew that Flynn had lied to the FBI.

This is problematic for Trump. If he knew that Flynn had lied to the FBI before asking former FBI Director James Comey to drop an investigation into Flynn, then that in itself could constitute obstruction of justice.

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