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Historian Reveals Disturbing Truth About Trump’s Presidency That Could Lead To ‘Unnecessary War’

Presidential historian Michael Beschloss appeared on MSNBC on Saturday to discuss Donald Trump’s speech on the Civil War that he gave at a rally in Lebanon, Ohio on Friday night.

During Friday night’s speech, Trump spent quite some time praising and honoring Confederate general Robert E. Lee.

“Your reaction to the yarn that he spun last night?” host David Gura asked. “I don’t know where President Trump got what he said last night, but talk about a bit about the importance of history to presidents over the years.”

“It’s absolutely crucial, it makes a great leader,” Beschloss replied.

“Harry Truman said, ‘not every reader is going to be a leader, but every leader has to be a great reader and know history.’ If you’re president, you don’t have a user’s manual, all you know is what earlier presidents did and where they succeeded, where they failed,” he explained.

“The other thing, David, is I don’t think that I’ve ever seen that Lincoln ever was told that you can’t use Grant because he’s an alcoholic,” the presidential historian pointed out. “I think that was not necessarily in the historical record.”

Beschloss went on to warn America that Trump could propose a real danger.

“The biggest danger here is that presidents have often been drawn into wars that may not have been necessary, often times by fake incident,” he reminded. “What we always have to depend upon a president for, is to make sure we don’t get into unnecessary wars, and I worry about President Trump.”

“In 2011, he tweeting claiming that — he said in his tweet — Barack Obama will get us into a war to get re-elected. That’s a very dangerous concept to be in any president’s mind,” Beschloss warned.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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