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Trump’s Latest Move On ‘Blind Trust’ Proves His Fraudulent Mind Has No Limits

When it comes to the art of corruption, no one comes close to President Donald Trump. I mean, the man has demonstrated a mind-blowing ability to circumvent the rules for his own benefit. And just to prove that fact, the con-man-in-chief just devised a way to go around his so-called “blind trust,” allowing him to access funds from his business accounts whenever he likes — and without publicly disclosing his withdrawals when he does so.

Since his shocking victory last November, Trump had received quite a bit of criticism for his plans to put his business dealings in a “blind trust” that would be managed by members of his immediate family, namely his two eldest sons. Such an arrangement, most experts agree, doesn’t even fit the definition of a blind trust at all.

Now, an investigative report by ProPublica has revealed that Trump “can make withdrawals from his accounts at any time.” A trust certification change that was made on February 10 of this year allows the president to receive income from over 400 business dealings “at his request,” under vague terms “as the Trustees deem necessary.” This effectively negates Trump’s promise to hand over the management of his global real estate empire over to his sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, as he promised in a news conference held just prior to his inauguration.

Making withdrawals from his accounts allows the president to have information about how they are doing, eliminating the idea that his trusts are “blind” at all. Indeed, it’s already been revealed that President Trump will be receiving regular “profitability reports” from his son, Eric Trump, who will be among those managing his business interests.

“I appreciate that divestiture can be costly,” Office of Government Ethics Director Walter Shaub said of the report. “But he is going to be asking his own appointees to make sacrifices. He is going to be asking our men and women in uniform to risk their lives in conflicts around the word. So, no, I don’t think divestiture is too high a price to pay for being president of the United States of America.”

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