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Homophobic GOP Lawmaker Attacks LGBTQ Activist Woman, Calls Her ‘Man With A Skirt’


Homophobic GOP Lawmaker Attacks LGBTQ Activist Woman, Calls Her ‘Man With A Skirt’

Francis Awerkamp, a Kansas Republican lawmaker, posted a newsletter on his Facebook page earlier this week that attacked the taxpayer funded “homosexual agenda.” His attack came after a group of LGBTQ students visited the Capitol.

According to the Topeka Capital-Journal, the Kansas lawmaker blasted the teachers for bringing the students to the building to talk to their representatives.

“I explained my clear position that ‘a man is a man, a woman is a woman, and marriage is between a man and a woman, and this is a reality that we can not change,’” he wrote in the newsletter. “The teachers, one of whom was a man wearing a skirt ‘identifying’ as a woman, quickly led the students away.”

Tom Witt, Equality Kansas executive director, had something to say about Awerkamp’s newsletter. According to Witt, Awerkamp never talked to a transgender wearing a skirt. He then said that the only person Awerkamp could’ve talked to that was wearing a skirt was born a woman and does not identify as transgender.

Witt went on to call the comments by the new House member “beyond offensive and demeaning.”

In the newsletter, Awerkamp said that the students’ visit to the Capitol “surprised many legislators.”

Witt also responded to that comment by saying Awerkamp is “probably in the wrong business.”

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