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Hope Hicks Will Testify Before The House Judiciary Committee Next Week


Hope Hicks Will Testify Before The House Judiciary Committee Next Week

Hope Hicks, who serve under the Trump administration, is set to testify behind closed doors before the House Judiciary Committee next week, according to an announcement from Chairman Jerry Nadler.

According to reports, Hicks will appear before the committee to answer lawmakers’ questions next Wednesday as part of the committee’s investigation into whether Trump obstructed special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. A transcript of her testimony will be made public after the testimony.

Hicks’ testimony is a big part of the investigation as she will be the first current or former Trump aide that will answer questions as part of the Democrat-led obstruction probe.

Hicks had initially declined to answer questions from the committee after Donald Trump asserted his executive privilege to block Hicks and other former aides from providing documents to the committee. But after the committee threatened to hit Hicks with a subpoena, the former Trump aide ultimately agreed to testify.

Nadler said Hicks will face questions about her service in the White House, too, despite Trump’s assertions of executive privilege.

“Ms. Hicks understands that the committee will be free to pose questions as it sees fit, including about her time on the Trump campaign and her time in the White House,” Nadler said. “Should there be a privilege or other objection regarding any question, we will attempt to resolve any disagreement while reserving our right to take any and all measures in response to unfounded privilege assertions.”

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