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HORRIBLE MAN: Watch Trump CRUSH His Wife In Viral Video From Inauguration

It’s not a secret that Donald Trump is abusive to many people. As his Twitter feed shows, he seems to take pleasure in hurting people, and that appears to include his family, because abusers abuse everyone in one form or another.

That fact was clearly demonstrated during his inauguration. As he stood facing Melania, he apparently said something extremely hurtful to her. She’s smiling and, if you look at his cheeks, he seems to be smiling too, and then suddenly, he proceeds to humiliate her in front of millions.

In the clip below, Trump appears to say something hurtful as he turns pointedly away from her. You can see from the change in her expression that whatever he said just crushed her.

Wouldn’t he want the world to see how happy the two of them are, even if it is a façade? What could she have possibly done to warrant this, anyway? Say she really did do something worthy of rebuke – he could have, and should have, waited until they were alone to say something to her. The way he did it wasn’t just crushing to her, it was probably also humiliating for her.

That wasn’t the only time he was demeaning, either. When he greeted the Obamas prior to his inauguration, he left her behind in the car, and then left her behind again to walk into the White House. It was President Obama and Michelle who actually escorted Melania inside.

But that’s where Trump gets satisfaction – in shaming and humiliating people as much as possible for even the slightest transgressions. Typical emotionally abusive behavior. Some may say she knew what she was getting into when she got involved with him, but that’s victim-blaming, and it comes from those who don’t get it.

It’s extremely unlikely Melania deserved whatever he said to her, or his self-satisfied, deliberately supercilious manner when he turned his back on her.

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