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House Dems Release Report Debunking Trump’s Claim That Impeachment Will ‘Nullify’ 2016 Election


One of the biggest arguments Donald Trump and his supporters use against impeachment is that if impeachment were to go through then it would “nullify” the 2016 election.

The House Judiciary Committee released a report on Saturday outlining the offenses committed by Trump, and the legal framework for impeachment — which clears the way for Congress to write and approve articles of impeachment against him.

While Trump argues that impeachment will take away his 2016 election win, the report more broadly rejects the entire claim that an election result immunizes a president from punishment for official misconduct.

“We consider whether impeachment ‘nullifies’ the last election or denies voters their voice in the next one,” stated the report. “The Framers themselves weighed this question. They considered relying solely on elections — rather than impeachment — to remove wayward Presidents. That position was firmly rejected.”

“No President is entitled to persist in office after committing ‘high Crimes and Misdemeanors,’ and no one who voted for him in the last election is entitled to expect he will do so,” continued the report. Furthermore, “where the President’s misconduct is aimed at corrupting elections, relying on elections to solve the problem is no safeguard at all.”

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