House Dems To Put Trump In Check Mate As They Hire Experts To Probe His Financial Ties With Russia

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Come January, the House of Representatives will no longer be controlled by Republicans and Democrats will have taken over. This is bad news for Trump as investigations against him will no be able to be held at full capacity.

On Wednesday, it was reported that Democrats in the House Intelligence Committee will soon be hiring money-laundering and forensic accounting experts to investigate Trump’s financial ties to Russia.

According to three sources who spoke with the Daily Beast, the reasoning behind these hirings is “to examine unanswered financial questions about Trump and Russia.”

The Beast reported:

“Schiff, a California Democrat, has said publicly and privately that he’s interested in President Donald Trump’s relationship with Deutsche Bank, the German financial giant that has been scorched for its connections to money-laundering. When other lenders were loath to lend money to Trump in the 1990s, Deutsche Bank stepped up and spotted him tons of cash. The president may still owe the bank up to $175 million, according to MarketWatch.”

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