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House GOP Launches Propaganda Website Criticizing Media Coverage Of Trump


House GOP Launches Propaganda Website Criticizing Media Coverage Of Trump

In a move that resembles state-sponsored-propaganda, House Republicans have launched a new website that criticizes media coverage of Donald Trump’s failed presidency.

The website, “Did You Know,” claims that media coverage doesn’t focus on the issues important to Americans. It also calls out the press for not praising the House GOP’s “legislative achievements of a “productive” first 200 days.

The House GOP website rips the media’s coverage of Trump, arguing its focus on investigations into Russia have “unfairly” overshadowed their “great legislative work.”

The unveiling of the website comes as President Trump hits his 200th day in office. Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) had set the 200th day as a bigger marker for Republicans than Trump’s first 100 days.

Republicans have so far been unable to win many big legislative achievements despite their control of the government.

The House did pass an ObamaCare repeal-and-replace plan, a big victory for Ryan. But the bill was dead on arrival in the Senate, which also hit a stalemate on its own healthcare legislation. After many failed attempts, Trumcare went down in flames in the Senate.

Trump’s biggest accomplishment so far is the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. Trump has also been able to cut back on Obama-era protection regulations with the help of the House.

Other big agenda items for House Republicans or Trump, including tax reform and an infrastructure plan, have yet to be picked up. Another Trump priority backed by Ryan, building a wall on the Mexican border, has been stuck.

A vast majority of Americans oppose the wall, but the House GOP included a whopping $1.6 billion for its construction in a spending bill for the next fiscal year.

Ryan, of course, won’t be happy that we just wrote that.

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