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House Intel Dems To Release Their Own Report After GOP ‘Prematurely’ Ended Russia Probe

Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee announced on Tuesday that they will be releasing their own report on the findings of the Russia investigation after the GOP majority “prematurely” shut down the probe.

During a televised press conference, ranking committee member Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that the GOP’s decision to end the investigation “was a terrible disservice to the country and the American people” that “represented a reneging on the commitment that was made at the outset of the investigation to follow the facts wherever they lead.”

“We are going to do our best to continue to find the truth,” Schiff continued. “There are individuals who want to cooperate with our committee and share information and will continue to do so.”

Schiff also said that Democrats on the committee “will put together a report that will set out what evidence we have seen to date, what evidence we have seen in terms of the Russian hacking and dumping operation, what evidence we have seen in terms of the Russian social media campaign and, yes, the issue of collusion with the Trump campaign.”

“Our work is far from done,” the ranking Democrat said. “We will be submitting to the public a detailed account of what we have learned to date and the work that has to be done if not by us than by others so that the country can be sure that its administration is acting in the best interest of the country and not because of leverage the Russians may have over the president of the United States.”

Take a look at his statement in the video clip below:

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