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‘How Could He Be So Stupid?!’ Trump Lashes Out At Kushner For Using Private Email For Official Business


Donald Trump, who spent his entire campaign in 2016 attacking Hillary Clinton over her email scandal, is now having a meltdown because his own adviser decided to use his own private email to conduct government business.

According to The Atlantic, Trump had a meltdown in the Oval Office after learning that Jared Kushner had been using his personal email for official business.

“For Trump, everything comes back to optics,” former White House aide Cliff Sims told The Atlantic. “She is the archetype of what he wants — the most beautiful face, the most buttoned-up message, everything just exactly the way it should be,” referring to Ivanka Trump.

But the president has apparently soured on the couple. He reportedly became particularly upset after Kushner was caught using the messaging application WhatsApp to conduct U.S. business outside official government channels.

The news “prompted a presidential meltdown in the Oval Office,” according to Coppins.

A White House official told the publication that Trump lashed out at Kushner. “How could he be so stupid?” Trump fumed. “That’s what Hillary did!”

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