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How Stupid Are Trumpsters? Bill Maher Exposed Them And It’s The Best Thing On The Internet


How Stupid Are Trumpsters? Bill Maher Exposed Them And It’s The Best Thing On The Internet

One of Trump’s biggest critics, Bill Maher, took a hit at Trump supporters for their stupidity and urged them to finally admit that the man that they elected as president is a conman. He promised his voters the world during the campaign without any real intention of delivering it.

Maher brings up a good point though, but will the Trumpsters listen?

“I know you real Americans hate being called stupid, but you gotta meet me half way and stop being stupid,” Maher said.

Maher went on to compare Trump to a “used car salesman,” but that’s just being unfair to the used car salesman. “With a used car salesman, at least you get a car,” said Maher. “With Trump, you don’t get any car but you definitely get taken for a ride.”

Maher touched on many of the things Trump promised and has completely failed to deliver. For instance, Trump promised to provide health care for all Americans and “get drug prices so far lower than they are now, your head will spin.”

But what has Trump done to provide health insurance for all Americans while lowering drug prices? Nothing, he’s done nothing. In fact, he’s done the complete opposite.

Shortly after his election Trump met with big pharma executives and cut regulations to help them, not the consumers. Then he crafted an unpopular piece of health care legislation that would throw 24 million Americans off their insurance plans while giving a tax cut to the wealthy.

“The Trump approach to health care was never going to be ‘repeal and replace’,” Maher said. “It was always ‘bait and switch’.”

When will Trump supporters realized, “You Trumpsters didn’t elect the next Reagan … you elected every cheap huckster who you should’ve known was full of s*** because he was always promising the moon – everything is always foolproof and 100 percent.”

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