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HUGE Conflict Of Interest: Trump’s Muslim Ban Does Not Include Countries He Has Business Ties With


HUGE Conflict Of Interest: Trump’s Muslim Ban Does Not Include Countries He Has Business Ties With

Donald Trump signed an executive order on Friday which will keep citizens of Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, and Libya from entering the U.S. as an attempt to keep terror from happening in America. But what most people don’t know is that Trump is still allowing Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Turkey to enter the U.S. which are also countries of terror.

But why ban only those certain countries and not the other? You might ask. Well there is a simple answer to that, and it’s something many have warned would happen. Trump happens to have business ties with all those countries he excluded from his ban, which highly hints a conflict of interest.

Trump said during his campaign that he would divest from his business, but by that he meant that he would leave the business to his kids while he was president. Not much divestment there.

But without divesting from his company, as bipartisan ethics experts had advised, Trump is now facing questions about whether he designed the new rules with his own business at least partly in mind.

“He needs to sell his businesses outside his family and place the assets in a blind trust, otherwise every decision he makes people are going to question if he’s making the decision in the interests of the American people or his own bottom line,” said Jordan Libowitz, the spokesman for Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a liberal watchdog group. The group has filed a lawsuit arguing that Trump is already in violation of a constitutional provision barring federal officials from accepting payments from foreign officials.

Norm Eisen, former ethics adviser to Barrack Obama, tweeted earlier this week saying:

“WARNING: Mr. Pres. your Muslim ban excludes countries where you have business interests. That is a CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATION. See u in court.”

Who knows if Trump is actually thinking about his business when he makes his decisions, but it does race a high concern that he has excluded countries that he has businesses in from the ban.

“To be blunt, we really don’t know what to make of which motives are driving this president’s decisions,” said Kamal Essaheb, director of policy and advocacy for the National Immigration Law Center. “From what we could tell from his campaign and his actions since he became president, what seems to be first and foremost on his mind is his own self-interest and an obsession with his brand.”

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