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‘I Have My Gun, I’m Coming For You’: Dem Lawmaker Receives Death Threat After Introducing Gun Bill


‘I Have My Gun, I’m Coming For You’: Dem Lawmaker Receives Death Threat After Introducing Gun Bill

A Democratic congresswoman who proposed sweeping gun safety measures has been under siege by angry gun owners, including a man who threatened to kill her.

Thousands of angry emails have poured into the office of Minnesota state Rep. Linda Slocum (D-Richfield) since she introduced the proposed restrictions, but one of those stood out.

“He threatened to kill me,” Slocum told local station KMSP-TV . “(He said,) I have my gun, and I’m ready to come and get you — and it was very threatening.”

State police have questioned the man who made the threatening phone call, but declined to press charges, the station reported.

Other messages compared her to Hitler, called her a whale or included lewd comments and profanity, but Slocum said she would seek charges if that man called again.

One of Slocum’s aides, legislative assistant Adrian Benjamin, received what he described as a threatening call.

“He said, ‘You better hide because I have my gun and I know where you are,’” said Benjamin, who reported the threat to capitol police — which then passed on the report to the Minnesota State Patrol.

State police called the man, whose number was recorded by the answering machine, and he denied making a threat insisted his comments had been “taken out of context.”

According to the report, Slocum’s bill would expand the definition of assault weapons and ban those weapons, prohibit many private gun sales, outline felony charges for possession of bump stocks, silencers and high-capacity magazines, restrict ammunition sales to licensed dealers, and outlaw gun ownership for individuals who fail to pay court-ordered child support.

Watch KMSP’s report below:

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