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‘I Never Met Him’: Trump Denies Knowing Putin-Linked Executive. Then These Photos Popped Up Online


‘I Never Met Him’: Trump Denies Knowing Putin-Linked Executive. Then These Photos Popped Up Online

Everyone knows that President Donald Trump has a non-existent relationship with the truth. So when he tried to distance himself from a longtime former associate connected to both Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Mafia, it wasn’t surprising that he did what he does best: Lying.

As special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump campaign tightens, it has begun to investigate Trump’s finances related to his building projects. This led to the name Felix Sater, a Russian-born American with a dicey past whose company Bayrock had an office in Trump Tower.

Here’s why Trump is so afraid of admitting a relationship with Felix Sater:

1.Sater has been convicted of two felonies and has connections to the criminal underworld. He is allegedly one of his most important Russian business connections.

2.He is the alleged mastermind behind the ‘Ukrainian deal’ that was essentially a ruse created by the Kremlin to permanently annex Eastern-Ukraine.

3.Sater worked with Flynn and Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, to hand the Kremlin’s plan directly to Trump.

4.Sater allegedly has ties to the Italian mafia.

5.Sater was convicted of assault as well as engaging in a massive pump and dump scheme that stole close to $40 million.

7.He’s also got plenty of connections with the Kremlin and has claimed to be a spy.

For those reasons, Trump asserts that he has no knowledge of Sater, though there is much evidence that would undermine this assertion.

As GQ’s Keith Olbermann points out in the video below, Sater was in attendance at Trump’s November 8, 2016 election party, which was invite-only. A GQ article documented how close Sater was to Trump that evening and notes that Sater gave an interview to a news crew.

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