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Ice T Response To Trump’s Call To Perform At Inauguration Has The Whole Internet Laughing

For any artist, performing at the U.S. presidential inauguration is an opportunity of a lifetime. Typically, just the honor of being chosen to for such an event is enough to gladly accept. However, Donald Trump and his Presidential Inauguration Committee are having a very difficult time getting talent to perform. They are even offering to pay people – which NEVER happens. But it seems no decent person wants to go anywhere near Trump, no matter the price tag.

The latest artist to be tapped for the gig is rapper and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit star Ice T.

The artist tweeted what he did when he got the call:


He followed up with:


Of course, Tweeter went into overdrive and brutally mocked Trump. Here are just some of the initial tweets:


And there was more…


Well, at this rate, the inauguration will look just like the Republican National Convention, and will be the most embarrassing event of its kind in modern history.

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