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Idaho GOP Leader Goes On Rant Claiming Planned Parenthood Should Be ‘Nuked’


Idaho GOP Leader Goes On Rant Claiming Planned Parenthood Should Be ‘Nuked’

According to The Idaho Statesman, Republican state lawmaker Vito Barbieri appeared at a town hall this week where he said some controversial things about Planned Parenthood.

During a town hall panel in Hayden, Idaho, Barbieri told the audience he didn’t know “why Planned Parenthood hasn’t been nuked off of State Street.”

“Planned Parenthood has long been a target of anti-abortion violence, and comments like these only further incite violence,” said Idaho state director for Planned Parenthood, Mistie Tolma, according to a statement. “Anti-abortion violence is single-issue terrorism, and anti-abortion extremists are considered a domestic terrorist threat by the U.S. Department of Justice.”

The moderator at the event asked Barbieri and fellow Republican panelist state Rep. Ron Mendive if they intended to focus on banning all abortions in Idaho in the coming legislative session or if they’d be willing to compromise.

“I believe America is going to be judged for what we’ve done to the unborn,” Mendive said, according to the Statesman. “What stuns me about all of this is that we’re still here, because I don’t understand why we are because of what we’ve done (through the) abortion history.”

“There are problems with charging the mother, there are problems with charging the doctor,” Barbieri said. “Certainly, it’s murder.”

“To quote someone down there … I don’t know why Planned Parenthood hasn’t been nuked off of State Street,” Barbieri said. “I don’t know why America has not been judged — if you can say that we’re not being judged now — for the … 42 million babies worldwide murdered this year — or last year. Judgment is coming. That’s not my job. We know whose job that is.”

You can read the full report HERE.

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