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If Cohen’s New Claim Is Corroborated, This Could Get Real Bad, Real Fast, For Trump And Don Jr.


If Cohen’s New Claim Is Corroborated, This Could Get Real Bad, Real Fast, For Trump And Don Jr.

This week, President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen rattled Washington when he implicated Donald Trump in the infamous Trump Tower meeting with Russian lawyers in June 2016.

The stunning revelation is part of Cohen’s “new resolve” to “reset his life” where he is trying “to tell the truth,” Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis explained to reporters.

Whether this is the new or old Michael Cohen, his move this week could present serious perils for both himself and his former client, President Trump, and for the president’s oldest son, Donald Trump, Jr.

Donald Trump has long denied prior knowledge of the Russian meeting. That position was supported by his son, Donald Trump Jr., who spoke both under oath and to investigators. Yet, Cohen now alleges that Trump not only knew but approved the meeting. He reportedly said further that he could name other people in the room when Trump was briefed on the meeting and gave his approval.

As noted by writer Jonathan Turley, if Cohen’s claim is corroborated, this could get real bad, real fast, for Mr. Trump and his son.

” It is not that Cohen’s account changes the dynamic on collusion. Even if Trump approved the meeting, it could still be as it has been described – a willingness to hear alleged evidence of criminal conduct on the part of Hillary Clinton or her associates. However, in many ways, this would be more serious than trying to fashion some unknown crime of collusion.This would be a clear and often used crime of making false statements. It is the very crime that Mueller has used to indict a myriad of people in this investigation,”  Turley wrote in an op-ed for The Hill.

He added: “It is not a risk for President Trump, who has not discussed this matter under oath or to federal investigators – but that may not matter, given the person in the crosshairs of such an allegation: Donald Trump Jr.

Once you go after the son, Trump Sr. could well act more as a parent than a president. If President Trump approved the meeting, Trump Jr. could be indicted under 18 U.S.C. 1001 as well as possible perjury laws. The same is true for some Trump aides, but this is his son. Ironically, Trump would be in the same position as Gen. Flynn, who copped a plea reportedly in part to protect his son, Michael Flynn Jr. Trump is not likely to cop a plea, since he has more options than did Flynn, but they are all bad options.”

While Trump’s combative rhetoric has never been matched by real actions, that could change if Mueller were to pursue his son, Turley writes.

“Trump could lash out and fire Mueller, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and even Attorney General Jeff Sessions. That list could grow, since Trump may be hard-pressed to find anyone at the Justice Department willing to shut down this investigation.

Trump could also fire off a slew of pardons, even including one for himself. That would trigger cascading events which could well lead to criminal or impeachment counts, or both. At a minimum, it would push this matter on a fast track toward impeachment, just as the House of Representatives may flip to Democratic control in the November midterm elections.”

No matter how you slice it, the Trump’s presidency appears to be a ticking bomb.

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