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If Trump Hasn’t Already F*cked Up The World As It Is, This Just Adds To The Fire


If Trump Hasn’t Already F*cked Up The World As It Is, This Just Adds To The Fire

Donald Trump and the rest of the Conservatives have always expressed their great disbelieve if climate change. On Tuesday Trump will be signing an executive order that will dismantle the Obama administration’s climate change agenda.

According to a White House official the order will compel the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to review the Obama administration’s chief climate rule for power plant emissions, the 2015 Clean Power Plan.

The official also stated that the new order will tell the Interior Department to end a moratorium on new coal leasing on federal land. The Obama administration’s assault on methane emissions will be ended, as well.

“There are plenty of rules on the books already, that we will continue to enforce, that provide for clean air and clean water and that’s what we’re going to do,” the White House official told reporters on Monday night.

“I think the president has been clear he wants the EPA to stick to that basic core mission that Congress laid out for it.”

But the order will not address the United States’ involvement in the Paris climate deal, a global pact to cut greenhouse gases.

Obama played a major role in that deal, pledging a 26 percent to 28 percent reduction in U.S. emissions by 2025.

But the official said the administration has a “different view about how you should to address climate policies as the United States and we’re going to go in a different direction.”

Donald Trump throughout his campaign expressed his views on global warming, calling it a “hoax made up by the Chinese.”

He has made his team on people that are likeminded like him. His EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, for example, said earlier this month that he does not believe carbon dioxide is a “primary contributor” to global warming, a conclusion at odds with the scientific research of his own agency.

“Energy independence: that’s the goal,” the official said. “The president understands there’s a disagreement over the policy response and you’ll see that in the order tomorrow. We’re taking a different path.”

People will not sit back and watch the earth get destroyed by a man that bases his beliefs on ideologies.

Groups have planned a protest on Tuesday night, an early sign that they will fight back against the changes.


“On the heels of the three hottest years on record, President Trump is reversing the biggest steps our country has taken to fighting climate change,” League of Conservation Voters President Gene Karpinski said.

“Donald Trump may care more about corporate interests, but the people of this country care about a safe, clean and healthy environment and they will not let him get away with destroying it.”

Environmental lawyers have come up with a plan. They have stated that they will pore over the regulatory review process in order to sue against it in the end.

“This order ignores the law and scientific reality,” Trip Van Noppen, the president of the environmental law group Earthjustice, said in a statement.

“Dirty coal power is never coming back because it can’t compete with clean energy and denial won’t make climate change go away. Earthjustice will continue to defend clean air and progress on climate in court and out, and we will never back down from protecting our public lands.”

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