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If Trump Tells Spicer To Jump Off A Bridge He’ll Do It. The Press Secretary Just Lied Again


If Trump Tells Spicer To Jump Off A Bridge He’ll Do It. The Press Secretary Just Lied Again

White House Press Secretary has been known for coming up with ridiculous lies to cover up the things Donald Trump does. In the latest attempt, Spicer defended a mix-up involving an aircraft carrier that members of the Trump administration said were sailing toward the Korean Peninsula amid threats from North Korea.

An announcement by the administration came on April 8 that stated that the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier would head to the Korean Peninsula. That announcement was later proven to be wrong as the US Navy posted a picture on April 15 of the carrier about 3,500 miles away from the area, going in the opposite direction.

Trump spoke about the deployment and stated that the U.S. was sending a “very powerful” armada toward North Korea. Spices was asked to comment on whether Trump spoke too quickly.

“The president said that we have an armada going toward the peninsula,” Spicer said. “That’s a fact. It happened. It is happening, rather.”

The reporter that asked Spicer the question said that although the aircraft was heading there now that it wasn’t headed there last week when the statements were put out.

“But that’s not what we ever said,” Spicer said. “We said that it was heading there, and it was heading there, it is heading there.”

Hong Joon-pyo, South Korean presidential candidate, spoke with the Wall Street Journal where he talked about the carrier mix-up:

“What Mr. Trump said was very important for the national security of South Korea. If that was a lie, then during Trump’s term, South Korea will not trust whatever Trump says.”

“The statement that was put out was that the Carl Vinson group was headed to the Korean Peninsula. It is headed to the Korean peninsula.”

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