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‘I’m A Racist, At Least I’m Something!’: White Man Caught On Camera Attacking Hispanic Kids For Skateboarding

A racist white man was caught on camera yelling racial slurs at a group of teenage boys who were skating outside a building in San Pedro, California.

Fox 11 News spoke with Willie Galaz, a father to one of the boy’s in the group who claimed the attack was provoked by the man’s racism.

“What gave me the strength to post the video was the kid who was keeping his composure in that situation where he had a grown man yelling in his face,” Galaz said. “I guess he just looked around and was looking at the kid and started to judge the kid because he was Mexican, and I guess that’s the only thing he had at that time to put him down.”

The video shows the man screaming at the boys by claiming that he has “authority” over them.

“You Mexican piece of sh*t,” the man said.

“And you’re just a piece of sh*t,” the young boy responds.

“I’m a racist, at least I’m something!” the man yells back. “All you are is a little coward!”

“There was another way he could’ve come up to the kids and told them to leave,” Galaz, who posted the video online, said.

Take a look at the clip below:

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