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‘I’m A White Attorney And You’re Black’: Trump-Loving Lawyer Banned From Uber After Racist Attack On Driver

Attorney Daniel Pollack, who worked as a senior adviser for Donald Trump’s former appointee Carl Higbie, was banned from using the ride-sharing app Uber after he racially-attacked one of the company’s drivers, according to a CNN report.

Spokesperson Andrew Hasbun spoke with CNN about the incident. He said that Pollack was banned from Uber after a March 2017 altercation between him and his driver, Jasmine Coer. According to KFile, Coer called the police after the attack and complained of an “aggressive ride.”

“He looks at me and I’m like, ‘Sir, get out of my car. I’m calling the cops,’ and he goes ‘I’m white. I’m a white attorney and you’re black,’” Coer said.

According to the report, Coer later recorded herself demanding Pollack get out of the car but instead he got out and “placed his hands on the front hood stopping any forward movement.”

An Uber spokesperson confirmed that Pollack was in-fact banned from using the app.

“What our partner experienced is totally unacceptable,” a spokesperson said. “As our Community Guidelines make clear, we have zero-tolerance for any discrimination. This rider has been banned from Uber.”

Higbie, the man Pollack worked for, was removed from his role as the chief of external affairs at the Corporation for National and Community Service for a racist attack after an audio surfaced of him accusing the “black race” of “lax morality.”

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