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‘I’m Appalled’: Kavanaugh Yale Friends Bust Him For Lying Under Oath Over Drinking Habits

Two friends of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh came forward on Saturday to shame the nominee for lying under oath about the amount of beer he drank and his drinking habits.

On Saturday, former Yale school students Liz Swisher and Lynne Brookes came forward on MSNBC’s “The Last Word.”

The two women went to school with Kavanaugh and cant vouch that he was a very heavy drinker and lied about his drinking habits during his hearing on Thursday.

Host Lawrence O’Donnell asked the two women if they would speak to the FBI and tell them the same statements knowing it would be a federal crime if they lied. Both of them, without hesitation, said that they would.

Swisher said, “Of course, I will speak truth.”

And Brookes responded saying, “absolutely, 100 percent. I’m very confident in what I’ve been saying publicly.”

Take a look at their testimonies in the video clip below:

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