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Trump Just Committed And ‘Impeachable Offense’, Harvard Law Professor Says Of Arpaio Pardon


Trump Just Committed And ‘Impeachable Offense’, Harvard Law Professor Says Of Arpaio Pardon

A prominent Harvard Law Professor warned on Friday night that President Donald Trump committed an impeachable offense with his pardon of former Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Law Professor Noah Feldman said “this is the crime that Trump is suggesting he might pardon: willful defiance of a federal judge’s lawful order to enforce the Constitution. Such a pardon would reflect outright contempt for the judiciary, which convicted Arpaio for his resistance to its authority. Trump has questioned judges’ motives and decisions, but this would be a further, more radical step in his attack on the independent constitutional authority of Article III judges.”

He continued:

“An Arpaio pardon would express presidential contempt for the Constitution. From this analysis, it follows directly that pardoning Arpaio would be a wrongful act under the Constitution.”

Professor Feldman worried of “a crisis in enforcement of the rule of law” if Republican congressional leaders refused to hold Trump to account.

“The Constitution isn’t perfect. It offers only one remedy for a president who abuses the pardon power to break the system itself. That remedy is impeachment,” Prof. Feldman concluded. “James Madison noted at the Virginia ratifying convention that abuse of the pardon power could be grounds for impeachment. He was correct then — and it’s still true now.”

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Do you agree with Professor Feldman that “impeachment is the only remedy” against Trump?

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