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Impeachment Hearings Hurt The GOP, Democrats Now Have A ‘High Chance’ Of Winning The Senate: Report



Impeachment Hearings Hurt The GOP, Democrats Now Have A ‘High Chance’ Of Winning The Senate: Report

A new report in Rolling Stone revealed on Friday that Democrats have a very high chance of taking control of the Senate after the impeachment hearings only put a cloud over the Republican Party.

According to longtime political observer Tim Dickinson, who wrote the report on Rolling Stone, “the fight to wrest the Senate from Republican control — and oust Mitch McConnell as majority leader — is arguably just as important” as the battle to force Trump from office.

“Unless Democrats flip the Senate, the grand plans of the presidential candidates are dead on arrival,” Dickinson writes. “Capturing the chamber is just as crucial if Trump is re-elected; it would give Democrats control of the legislative agenda, budget, and judicial confirmations, ending McConnell’s reign as Trump’s rubber stamp.”

According to Dickinson, the GOP only holds a three-seat edge and come 2020 they will have to defend 23 seats, compared to the 12 seats Democrats have to defend.

According to Nathan Gonzales, editor of Inside Elections, “The Senate’s in play. Democrats have enough takeover opportunities to get there without having to win everything on the table.”

“A dozen races will be vital in determining control of the Senate, including two seats where Democrats must play defense,” the report goes on, with Dickinson listing off Michigan, Arizona, Maine, Colorado and North Carolina — among others — as key battleground states.

Of particular note, he adds, is the crown jewel — taking the seat held by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“Mitch McConnell’s seat in Kentucky is the holy grail. Trump took the state by 30 points in 2016, but a Democrat claimed victory in the governor’s race in November,” he explained. “The senator’s approval rating in the state — 33 percent — is nearly as bad as defeated incumbent Gov. Matt Bevin’s. McConnell’s opponent, retired Lt. Col. Amy McGrath, a former F/A-18 fighter pilot, is fresh off a competitive 2018 House race and raising money like a presidential candidate — $10.7 million in the third quarter. McGrath is casting McConnell as a creature of Washington, bought by special interests, who has ‘turned his back on the people of Kentucky’ and failed to deliver on bread-and-butter issues from infrastructure to the opioid crisis.”

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