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In An Attempt To Save Himself, Trump Looks To Release ‘Falsified’ Transcript Of Phone Call With Ukraine


On Tuesday, Donald Trump told the press that he plans on releasing the transcripts of his call with Ukraine. But CNN’s Jake Tapper doesn’t believe the president will release the full thing.

Tapper started his Tuesday show “The Lead” explaining why the public is right to suspect whether whatever transcript Trump releases is valid.

“This afternoon President Trump announced by tweet that he will release the, ‘complete, fully, declassified and unredacted transcript.’ of that phone call with the Ukrainian president tomorrow,” Tapper reported. “Two important caveats on that: One, this is a White House that has falsified information before, from showing a doctored hurricane map to promoting a video that an outside group altered of a CNN reporter. So, who knows if the transcript will actually be complete.”

Tapper then noted that the whistleblower did not complain about Trump just because. There must have been something said during his phone call with the Ukranian government that made that senior intelligence officer concerned.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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