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‘Incompetent’ Trump Top DHS Official Asks Twitter For Help Locating Coronavirus Spread Map


‘Incompetent’ Trump Top DHS Official Asks Twitter For Help Locating Coronavirus Spread Map

The Trump administration’s inability to competently handle the coronavirus pandemic and the impact the growing health crisis is having on the global economy came on full display on Tuesday after the top DHS official fired off a tweet revealing an embarrassing lack of access to basic information about the deadly virus’ spread.

“Has the Johns Hopkins map of the coronavirus stopped working for other people, or just me?” tweeted Ken Cuccinelli, who is the top DHS official on the Trump administration’s coronavirus task force.

His incompetence was further amplified on a second tweet: “I just tried again, and it looks like Johns Hopkins put the information behind a membership wall of some kind,” he wrote. “Seems like bad timing to stop helping the world with this (previously) useful resource. Here’s hoping it goes back up soon.”

With state officials and senators already incensed over the poor communication and lack of coordination between the federal Health and Human Services agency and local health officials over the health crisis, Cuccinelli’s display of cyber-ignorance and his failure to ante up the cost of access to crucial data is a particularly galling example of how poorly this administration is responding to the worldwide pandemic.

Twitter users were quick to respond:

Nick Miroff, The Washington Post reporter on the DHS beat, found the public plea for tech support in the face of an institutional paywall to be embarrassingly noteworthy in an administration that has broadly rejected the importance of scientific facts and research and slashed the funding of important relevant government agencies, such as the Health Resources and Services Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health, that should be in the forefront of protecting our nation from the worst potential impact of the pandemic.

Others were blunter:

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