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‘Incredibly Immoral’: Trump’s Budget Dead On Arrival In Congress


‘Incredibly Immoral’: Trump’s Budget Dead On Arrival In Congress

Donald Trump’s budget proposal, as The Hill described it, is “full of both broken and false promises.” The proposal is beneficial to those who don’t need it, the wealthy, or in other words, people just like Trump.

Trump promised to help the working class throughout his campaign, but has done nothing to follow through with his promise. He has in fact done the complete opposite.

His plan is to have giant tax break for millionaires while taking money away from programs that help ensure basic living standards for children, people with disabilities and senior citizens.

Trump believes that people under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program are the ones that should do with less. According to The Hill

“Seventy-six percent of SNAP participants live in households with children. Roughly 12 percent live in households with at least one disabled person. Ten percent go to homes with elderly people.”

Trump’s plan is to cut fundings from programs that many Americans need in order to live. But what could be so important to him that he’s denying millions of Americans the right to basically live?

His argument is that it will create economic growth, which not one single independent analyst agrees with the economic projections that Trump relies upon.

When asked, Trump offers no realistic arguments on how cutting funds from these programs will cause an economic growth.

Trump’s plan is dead on arrival. A poll showed that 74% of voters oppose cuts to Medicaid, while 82% support raising taxes on the rich.

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