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Here Are Some Incredibly Stupid Excerpts From Donald Trump Jr’s Emails

Donald Trump Jr.’s email scandal is undeniable proof that stupidity can be a force of nature. The staggering dumbness of his explanation for colluding with Russia is simply astonishing.

Just think about it: What would you do if a major news outlet claimed to have copies of your incriminating emails, and you knew that A) they weren’t bluffing, and B) the contents of the emails were indeed incriminating?

If you answered “tweet out the contents of the emails to 1.81 million people,” congratulations! You’re Donald Trump Jr!

Yes, the subject line of the email is literally “Re: Russia – Clinton – private and confidential.”

Yes, the email contains the phrase “”information that would incriminate Hillary… and would be very useful to your father.”

Yes, Donald Trump Jr. is apparently this stupid.

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