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Indiana Church Gets What They Deserve After Posting Hateful Anti-LGBTQ Sign

This week, Remnant Fellowship Church in Auburn, Indiana, decided to express their hatred towards the LGBTQ community by posting a hate-filled message outside their building. The church shared a sign that read: “LGBTQ is a hate crime against God. Repent.”

The sign sparked a backlash and ultimately caused the church to be kicked out of their building.

A member of Remnant Fellowship Church in Auburn confirmed to ABC-affiliate WPTA21 that they had been forced out.

The church member went on to tell WPTA that they plan to relocate. Following the backlash, the church had defended the sign on their Facebook page, which they have since deleted.

A pastor told WPTA that the church placed the sign in an effort to “reach young people and steer them away from a lifestyle they believe is harmful to them.”

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