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‘Innocent Men Don’t Act This Way’: Conservative Columnist Just Put The Handcuffs On Whitaker

‘Innocent Men Don’t Behave In Such A Fashion’: Conservative Columnist Just Put The Handcuffs On Trump And Whitaker

On Thursday night, conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin called out acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker for skipping out on his scheduled testimony before the House Judiciary Committee.

Writing for The Washington Post, Rubin noted that Whitaker’s actions were a “stunt” that should raise eyebrows.

“The real issue here is Whitaker’s fear of appearing and being forced to answer questions under threat of congressional contempt, which could occur if he is under subpoena,” Rubin explained.

In her column, Rubin interviewed constitutional expert Laurence Tribe, who has taught at Harvard Law for 50 years and has argued three-dozen cases before the United States Supreme Court.

“This is outrageous,” Tribe said. “Whitaker seems to think he is entitled to dictate the terms on which he is invited to testify. He is not.”

“We don’t know why precisely Whitaker is panic-stricken over the prospect of testifying. He might be so unqualified and ignorant that he fears public humiliation,” she noted. “He might have engaged in improper collaboration with Trump in trying to slow down the investigation or ferret out information helpful to Trump or Trump cronies.”

“Innocent men don’t behave in such a fashion,” she concluded.

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