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Insecure Trump Descends Into Major Twitter Meltdown Over Popular Vote

President-elect Donald Trump is not happy with his loss in the popular vote and he responded by doing what he does best: Rant on Twitter.

As Hillary Clinton’s lead in the popular vote continues to grow, many have taken to social media to challenge Donald Trump’s unlikely presidential victory with calls for electoral college members to switch their vote in favor of Clinton.

Of course, we live in a Democracy and there’s zero chance the electoral college will follow through on such a plan. Despite that reassuring fact, Trump’s loss in the popular vote seems to be getting to him. Showing how insecure he is, Trump tweeted on Tuesday:


He also described the electoral college as “genius”—rich praise for a man who in 2012 declared the system a “disaster for democracy.”


This is what he meant when he said his Twitter activity would now be “very restrained.” And this is just the beginning.

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