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U.S. Intel Community Braces As Trump Receives His First Classified Briefing


U.S. Intel Community Braces As Trump Receives His First Classified Briefing

Just hours after declaring that he won’t rely on the U.S. intelligence community because he “does not trust them and believes they’ve made bad decisions,” Donald Trump is expected to visit the FBI’s New York office on Wednesday for his first classified briefing as the GOP nominee.

According to several news reports, staffers from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence will lead the briefing, which is expected to cover major threats at home and abroad.

But during an interview with Fox News, Trump was asked about his upcoming intelligence briefing and whether he does ‘trust intelligence.’

“Not so much,” he said in response. “Look what’s happened over the years. It’s been catastrophic. And in fact, I won’t use some of the people that are sort of your standards, you know, just use them, use them, use them. Very easy to use them, but I won’t use them because they’ve made such bad decisions.”

On Monday, the Republican nominee laid out his plan for “extreme vetting” of immigrants trying to the enter the U.S. While He backed away from a blanket ban on Muslim immigration, Trump did call for a temporarily ban on immigrants from “the most dangerous and volatile” regions of the world with a “history of exporting terrorism.”

Trump also told Fox News that he’s concerned about Hillary Clinton receiving classified briefings “because of her email situation.”

“She can’t keep anything private,” he said. “I think her email scandal is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen.”

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