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U.S. Intelligence Officials Fear Trump Would Share Classified Information With Russia


U.S. Intelligence Officials Fear Trump Would Share Classified Information With Russia

U.S. intelligence agencies are withholding classified information from president Donald Trump because officials are concerned it could be leaked to foreign governments, according to officials familiar with the mater, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

The officials’ decision to withhold information from Trump is a sign of mistrust between the intelligence community and the president over his contacts with the Russian government.

According to the report, officials decided to deny Trump access to sensitive information about the sources and methods U.S. spies use to collect information. Their decision was motivated by a deep concern of the president’s trustworthiness or discretion, former and current officials said.

The revelation comes in the wake of the resignation of Mike Flynn, Trump’s National Security Advisor over his contacts with Russian operatives.

Trump reacted by blasting the U.S. Intelligence agencies and the media for reporting the scandal.

But the officials said the decision to avoid revealing sensitive information to Mr. Trump stems in large part from the president’s repeated expressions of admiration for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and his calls to during the presidential campaign for Russia to hack the emails of his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, the WST reports.

President Trump and several of his aides are under investigation for the nature of their ties to the Kremlin the officials revealed.

Several congressional probes are digging into Russia’s cyber attack in order to tilt the election in Trump’s favor.

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