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Internet Descends Into Mockery Over Trump’s ‘So Cute’ Tweet To Ivanka

President Donald Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump are being dragged online after a bizarre Twitter exchange, in which the president called Ivanka “so cute” and then proceeded to play the victim over the impeachment inquiry.

Twitter users couldn’t resist responding after Ivanka took to her Twitter to give her dad a dearest an innocent little shoutout in the midst of the firestorm engulfing his scandal-ridden administration.

“Thank you, Mr. President!” Ivanka’s tweet read, captioning a photo of her father giving a fist pump.

And while it seems like Ivanka was really just trying to stay out of the mess, her father wasn’t having that.

Donald retweeted his daughter’s simple post and found a way to use it to his advantage amid the biggest presidential scandal in decades.

“So cute!” Trump’s caption of the retweet read. “Her father is under siege, for no reason, since his first day in office!”

As expected, mockery ensued.

Take a look at Trump’t tweet and some of the responses below:

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