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Internet Piles On After ‘Face In Need Of A Fist’ Matt Gaetz Gets Brutally Hammered On Fox News

During a panel discussion on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show on Thursday, Democratic strategist Chris Hahn and GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz clashed over Gaetz’s past stunt where he sarcastically wore a gas mask on the House floor during the early days of the coronavirus outbreak.

During the heated exchange, Gaetz accused Democrats of attempting to use the coronavirus to suppress voters.

“That’s what James Carville was doing when he was saying the people are going to die if they show up and vote,” Gaetz said, addressing Hahn. “That was voter suppression coming directly from him — it wasn’t Republicans saying, ‘Don’t vote.’ It was one of your people.”

Hahn wasted no time in firing back, accusing Gaetz of mocking the severity of the health crisis.

“Buddy, you shouldn’t be talking about people dying, because people in your district saw you making fun of this and took this less seriously,” Hahn said.

Following the exchange, the hashtag #MattGaetzIsATool began to trend on Twitter.

Watch the video and some of the reactions below:

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