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U.S. Investigators Close To Admitting Russian Hackers Altered Election Vote Totals: Report

To say that the election of Donald Trump stunned the entire world is an understatement. In fact, we’re all still shocked months after he entered the oval office.

Anyone who was paying attention to the live results coverage on election night is aware that the vote totals in key swing states lined up for Donald Trump in statistically suspicious fashion.

As Palmer Report notes, Trump winning would have been a shock; Trump obtaining those particular numbers was all but mathematically impossible. But it happened.

And that’s not all:

“The actual vote totals were absurd. The national polls ended up being accurate within the margin of error, as Hillary Clinton won by three million votes nationwide. But those same polls said Hillary would win the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida, and they should logically have also been accurate in those states. Instead, Trump won all four of them by the same one percent margin –just large enough to avoid automatic recounts without being large enough raise eyebrows.

Additionally, exit polls for early voting in Florida, which accounted for the bulk of the vote, gave Hillary Clinton such a huge lead that Donald Trump shouldn’t have been able to overcome it on election day. Across the board in these four states, the numbers simply did not add up in the way that numbers are supposed to add up.

There were other eyebrow-raising issues. Voting equipment broke in suspiciously large numbers in Michigan on election – but it all happened in Detroit, which would have been the most favorable to Hillary (link). Any one of the above issues would be curious on its own. Combined, they’re suspicious as hell.

So this news blip from the Associated Press matters greatly: “US government tells election officials in 21 states that hackers targeted their systems in 2016, but most not breached.” Keep two things in mind here. The first is that the Trump administration has been doing everything it could to prevent the federal government from acknowledging that Russia meddled in the election. The only reason for it to put out a statement like this is because it knows it’s all going to come out anyway. The second thing to keep in mind there is the phrase “most not breached.” That’s an acknowledgment that some state voting systems were breached. This story is just getting started.”

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