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Iowa Mom Breaks Down In Tears After Prosecutors Offer Probation To Molester Of Her 7-Year-Old Daughter

An Iowa mother broke down in tears as she blasted prosecutors in the community of Alden for offering her former father-in-law a plea deal after he admitted to molesting his 7-year-old granddaughter.

Local news network WHO reported that Dean Hilpipre, 61, was charged with two counts of second-degree sex abuse and faced as many as 50 years behind bars if convicted.

According to WHO, Hilpipre admitted to forcing the child to perform oral sex and touch him after taking her deep into the woods or behind locked doors in his home.

He was arrested nine months after the victim told her older sister about the ongoing abuse. Her older sister then told her school counselor who reported it to the authorities.

Later this month, at Hilpipre’s sentencing, prosecutors will recommend a suspended sentence and probation. This news broke Kasey Hilpipre, the victim’s mother, into tears.

Speaking with WHO, Kasey Hilpipre tearfully stated, “What`s five years probation? After five years the no-contact order`s done, then what`s he going to do again?”

“Is he gonna pick her up again and take her into the woods again and she may not come out? What justice is that?” she added. “What safety is that for the remainder of her life?”

The victim’s maternal grandmother also weighed in.

“This little girl has a heart and she has a soul and she has a little mind, and this disgusting human debris has broken her,” explained Deborah Yanna. “He won the Iowa Lottery. He`s celebrating. He thinks he`s terrific…Where`s her justice? Where`s her celebration? The rest of her life she will always remember.”

Watch the news segment in the video clip below:

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