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Iowa Newspaper Just Destroyed Trump: ‘Now Is Not The Time For A Rally’

Donald Trump seems to have forgotten his presidential duties and has decided to focus on campaigning for a 2020 run. In response, an Iowa newspaper sent out a message to Trump, telling him “now is not the time for a rally.”

The Gazette newspaper in Cedar Rapids urged Trump to stop focusing on holding rallies, but instead talk about his policies on how he will help Iowans.

“Mr. President, the campaign is over. You won. Now is not the time to rally. Now is the time to sell your policies, listen to Americans with a stake in those efforts and govern,” the letter read. “Iowans have questions and concerns about your plans. They can’t be heard over the cheers of a rally.”

The letter listed issues that both Iowans and Americans have grown concerned about, including cuts to crop insurance in Trump’s budget, paying for flood protection in Cedar Rapids, climate change, healthcare and funding for public schools.

“That’s a lot of ground to cover while you’re on the ground in Iowa. But we think it’s critical you understand the real world implications of these and many other policies your administration is proposing,” the letter reads. “We concede it’s not as much fun as hearing the cheers and chants of folks convinced you’re making America great again. But it’s what presidents do.”

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