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Iranians Held A ‘Trumpism’ Art Contest As A Mockery To The US President. Here Are The Results

Donald Trump might just be the laughing stock of the world. This week, Iranians held a “Trumpism” art contest as a way to mock the U.S. president.

The point of the contest, according to Masuod Shojai Tabatabaei, who helped organize the contest, is to show Trump’s behavior in a satirical way. The show mocks Trump’s comments about women, the media and Russia, as well as his key campaign promise of building a southern border wall and images that tie Trump to fascism and the “alt-right.”



“The ism in Trumpism is a reference to racism and Nazism,” Tabatabaei said. “Many believe his remarks are similar to Hitler. He has had a bad attitude toward media, refugees.”


According to The Associate Press, Hadi Asad, the winner of a $1,500 award, said he wanted his cartoon to point out the “money-mindedness and war monger nature” of Trump.

“I wanted to show Trump while trampling symbols of culture,” Asadi told the AP.



The contest attracted people from all over the globe. 74 countries participated in the art show, according to the AP.

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