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Israeli TV Airs Spoof Ad Mocking Donald Trump Right After Press Conference

Following Donald Trump’s arrival in Israel on Monday, an Israeli telecom company launched a TV commercial that mocks the American president.

In the 65-second Bezeq commercial, an Israeli tourist visiting the White House — played by actor Gidi Gov — sneaks away from his group to duck into the Oval Office, where he dons a blond wig and puts on the suit and long red tie he finds there.

The tourist is then mistaken for the president by a worried crew of aides who tell the faux Trump that “someone’s broken into the internet. It’s the Russians.”

The tourist keeps up the ruse by spouting the words “tremendous” (several times), “China” and later “crooked Hillary.” The aides are puzzled when he breaks into Hebrew.

The imposter pitches better security and concludes, in English, “Let’s make the internet great again!” (The ad promotes the SmartNet Internet security system.) The aides applaud.

The “real president” then appears in a bathrobe and demands, in a surprisingly Trump-like voice, “What the hell is going on?”

A joke in any language, indeed.

The TV commercial immediately followed Trump’s broadcast press conference alongside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on two TV channels.

Watch the hilarious spot below:

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